Personalized IT service and support for small businesses throughout Central Texas since 2002. MIKSAN’s on-site tech teams provide peace of mind and reliability where data security and uptime is vital to your success.

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Why Choose Us?

Unmatched Information Technology Service and Support

Rapid Response Time – MIKSAN responds to support requests within 30-minutes between 7am and 7pm or we will credit your account $50.

Vendor Relationship and Management – We work directly with our client’s broadband, cabling, phone and other information technology partners for a coordinated and efficient IT experience.

No Geek Speak! – Technical language can be confusing. The MIKSAN team will communicate clearly in layman’s terms and answer questions with patience.

Client Service – MIKSAN techs proactively check in on-site weekly with clients to verify equipment and software are working properly.

No Surprise Pricing – Invoicing is clear, concise with no hidden fees.


MIKSAN Has Real People To Talk To..

MIKSAN answers their phones with real people so you can talk and explain what the issue is. They have quick responses to questions and problems and will find the right answer. They have been flexible as we changed and grew always looking for ways to help streamline. You won't regret hiring them and the service is above and beyond excellent.

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Austin, Texas

We Have Peace Of Mind…

MIKSAN is a very reliable resource for IT knowledge so we have never had to pause or worry. Our billing is stable every month and the communication with them, on every level, is exceptional. Their service and personnel are reason enough to hire them.


Austin, Texas

Network Uptime Dramatically Increased

With MIKSAN driving our network the reliability dramatically increased. Before we hired MIKSAN our systems were sketchy at best. They are the best IT company for replying and responding when we have an issue. They are the most comprehensive and cost effective firm you could ever use. If it is software or hardware needs they will always either have or will find,the right answer.

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Austin, Texas

They Listen, They Anticipate, They Know Me...

MIKSAN’s knowledge and service enabled me to launch a solo CPA practice in mid-January and operating efficiently within a matter of weeks. After we met to assess what I needed to be successful, they immediately acted and made it all happen! MIKSAN takes a personal interest in me and my success. They listen, anticipate my needs,know my industry and are accessible. If you are on the fence about hiring an IT provider, just hire MIKSAN!!

Austin, Texas